Selena Gomez: A Life Story That Will Inspire You

Selena Gomez: A Life Story That Will Inspire You

Life of Selena Gomez and How She Defeated Her Disease

Selena did not have a particularly easy childhood. His mother and father got divorced when she was only 5 years old, and she lived with her mother in very poor conditions. She remembers a time when her mother had to work 3 jobs just to be able to pay the costs of living. She was not happy with her parents’ divorce and took it rather harshly. Selena saw her mother doing stage preparations and that is when her love for the entertainment industry was ignited with a fiery passion. Selena would later accept insignificant acting jobs that eventually led to her career in the music industry. Selena was definitely talented, but it was her hard-working spirit that gained her a place of high esteem and value. She often sites that her beliefs and positive attitude made her see opportunities and allowed her to use them wisely.

But that wasn’t the end of the troubles of our admired singer. Selena had on and off fought with depression and anxiety in her life, but in recent years, she decided to tell the public about her mental condition and face it head on with her courage and bravery.

In 2015, Selena was diagnosed with Lupus, with is an immune system disease, her life was turned upside down when she got devastating news that changed her life forever. She underwent chemotherapy to manage her symptoms, but refused to accept her diagnosis and kept it a secret for 3 years.

Not wanting to give up, Selena kept performing and went on a world tour until her symptoms were impossible to ignore. Selena struggled with depression, anxiety and severe panic attacks caused by her Lupus.

Feeling exhausted, she took a break from her music to focus on her mental health. After doctor told Selena she needed an emergency kidney transplant in order to survive. She drove home in complete shock. When she struggled to open up a bottle of water, she threw it on the floor and broke down crying. When her best friend Francia asked her what was wrong, she told her the news: I don't know what to do. The donor list is 7 to 10 years long. Without hesitating and against her own mother's advice, Francia offered to get tested as her donor. Miraculously, the pair were a match! Selena faith in life was restored and she was inspired to keep fighting.

The night before the procedure, the girls got their hair braided together and had a feast. they were in it together. Francia even wrote up a will in the rare case she wouldn't wake up after the surgery. Francia went in first, the surgery went well. Then it was Selena's turn but halfway through operation something went wrong. Selena suffered a life threatening complication, when she broke an artery. She was rushed into another emergency surgery to build a new one, using a vein in her leg. Recovery was difficult but Selena came out stronger than ever. When receiving her Billboard "Woman Of The Year" award she tearfully accepted, crediting her best friend for the ultimate gift:

" I think Francia should be getting this award, because she saved my life."

With a new outlook on life she came to terms with her autoimmune disease. Today, she uses her platform to raise awareness about Lupus and destigmatize mental health. Her strength in the face of adversity inspires people around the world to never give up.

"We only have one life, and it is very precious, and there's a lot we can do, and there's a lot we should do." - Selena Gomez

Selena has never lost hope even after facing so many obstacles in her life. She has given her best to win the hearts of her fans. Her hard work has paid off to reach her to this level.