40 Inspiring Quotes By Shakira

40 Inspiring Quotes By Shakira

40 Inspiring Quotes By Shakira

Shakira Isabel Mebarak Ripoll is a Colombian singer, songwriter, dancer, record producer, businesswoman, and philanthropist. Born and raised in Barranquilla, she made her recording debut under Sony Music Colombia at the age of 13.

1. “Even after I got some recognition and success, I still had to work hard and prove myself.” Shakira

2. “You can’t achieve anything in life without a small amount of sacrifice.” Shakira

3. “Live your life to the fullest.” Shakira

4. “It doesn’t matter if you are a musician, a business leader, a president or a student. We all have a responsibility to give back.” Shakira

5. “In this life, to earn your place you have to fight for it.” Shakira

6. “There is no other investment that has the kind of social multiplier effect that early education has. It is an incredible thing to nurture and watch grow and spread.” Shakira

7. “Walking gets too boring, when you learn how to fly.” Shakira

8. “I never went to the gym before in my life. But, at 32, I notice that my body responds negatively to bad food, so I must make double the effort.” Shakira

9. “Relationships have to have a give and take if they’re going to work in the long term.” Shakira

10. “Scars remind me of just how far that I’ve come.” Shakira

11. “I consider myself a laborer, building my career brick over brick under the sun.” Shakira

12. “I know what it’s like to feel that fear and the need of affirmation and appreciation. To build confidence in yourself is the toughest thing.” Shakira

13. “I’m someone who has always been very stubborn and strong-willed. I never gave up.” Shakira

14. “In the full light of day, I don’t want to think about the sunset.” Shakira

15. “I prefer an ugly truth to a pretty lie. If someone is telling me the truth that is when I will give my heart.” Shakira

16. “I admire Madonna because she always did whatever she felt like doing. She went through some controversial periods when people rejected her, but she kept on reinventing herself.” Shakira

17. “There’s no better makeup than self-confidence.” Shakira

18. “You collect impressions from people, from life, from your own daydreams.” Shakira

19. “You have to be very strong and tough-minded if you want to survive.” Shakira

20. “I believe education is the key. As an activist and a child of the developing world, I witnessed education’s power to transform lives.” Shakira

21. “I always had the intuition, even as a little child, that I was called for a big project.” Shakira

22. “I want some day to be able to love with the same intensity and unselfishness that parents love their children with.” Shakira

23. “A good fragrance should have a certain personality that makes people identify the scent with you.” Shakira

24. “The worst mistake of a woman is to go to the kitchen, because then she never gets out of there.” Shakira

25. “The goal of my philanthropic work has always been to make sure that every child has a chance to live up to his or her potential. That means our work won’t be done until every child has access to quality education from early childhood to adulthood.” Shakira

26. “My brain, I believe, is the most beautiful part of my body.” Shakira

27. “My main hope for my children would be that whatever profession or calling they choose in life, that they pursue it with passion.” Shakira

28. “I’ve always thought of myself as a woman who works hard, believes in herself, and wants to accomplish as much as possible.” Shakira

29. “Everyone can know what is in my heart because I find it hard to conceal myself.” Shakira

30. “Education affects every major challenge we face in society. It creates economic growth, paves the way for peace and stability and helps erase the legacy of marginalization.” Shakira

31. “We have to promote human solidarity, avoid indifference, and play a part with society in the solution of the problem of violence” Shakira

32. “I feel a real sense of duty to use the voice and the platform I’ve been afforded by my fame to speak out for those whose voices don’t get a chance to be heard.” Shakira

33. “I think it’s my energy and love of life that has been the real key to my fame and success.” Shakira

34. “I consider myself a survivor more than anything else.” Shakira

35. “Education is literally the difference between success and failure, or even life and death for many children.” Shakira

36. “The worst mistake of a woman is to go to the kitchen because then she never gets out of there” Shakira

37. “A smile is definitely a window into someone's soul not only the eyes.” - Shakira

38. “There's no better makeup than self-confidence.” Shakira

39. “Fame isolates people from reality. That happens to many artists, and I don't want it to happen to me.” Shakira

40. “Scars remind me of just how far that I've come.” Shakira